Young Designers Sewing Program, INC

There are many ways to get involved with the Young Designers.  These are just a few:

          1.  Spread the word about us using social media or newspaper articles.

          2. ​Include us in your yearly donations to non-profit organizations
          3. ​Suggest fundraising ideas and help us plan them
          4. Suggest grants that fit our mission

          5. ​If you live in Athens, Georgia, consider volunteering with us.  
          6. ​If you have a specific skill, consider teaching it to the girls in the program
          7. Do you have time and a reliable vehicle?  Some of the girls don't have transportation
 home from                 the program.  Consider being a driver.​

* ​We'd love to talk with you about any ideas you may have to further the purpose and mission of the Young Designers.  Please fill out the contact form below and someone will contact you soon.